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Pastor's Page
   Rev. David Merritt

Who is 2015? That seems like an interesting thought process to me. We think of years and buildings as things, don't we? I have to go to dry cleaning is ready at the...when we come to the right place (another it) we will know it.

I would like to invite you in this coming year to think about the “who” in your lives. Who lives in your house? Who is the person that you trust the most in this world? I'm looking forward to seeing (who) at church this week. Jesus is my Savior and my person (who) in my life that makes my life worthwhile and fulfilling.

The coming year of 2015 is not about the amount of money we have or the even the problems we might face but, about the important people in our lives. We may meet someone new this year that will make our hearts sing for joy. We may gather our favorite “Who's” for a milestones in our lives..anniversary, birthdays, weddings and reunions.

We invite you to come and join us to meet the most important (WHO) in this world and in the next... Jesus my Lord and Savior!

Pastor David

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