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   Rev. David Merritt


                       June Blessings 

I am excited about June here at BMC. Why, you may ask??? Well with Weddings, School graduations, Camp and Youth Events, Anniversary, Concerts, Baseball, Communion, worship and weekly educational events...why not!

We have much to give thanks to God for in the month of June. Our Savior has led us as a congregation for over 250 years and we trust in His Guidance for the coming years. I can feel His Spirit as we come together to believe in what “our fathers and mothers told” about God's grace, mercy and love. And each time we gather in June, I hope you will feel that same spirit.

Join us then for a wonderful month of gatherings and greetings, happenings and hayrides, celebrations and concerts and an ever widening belief in God's Amazing Grace.

David Merritt


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